About Me

Me at Tully Mountain

Hello and Welcome to the Community!

My name is Larisa and I live in the outskirts of Boston. For the past year, I’ve been pursuing a plant-based diet and began eliminating animal-based products such as red meat, chicken, seafood, eggs, and cheese from my diet. I replaced them with non-meat substitutes such as tofu, tempeh, seitan, and legumes and started incorporating more fruits and vegetables into my meals.

I wouldn’t call myself vegan since I haven’t been perfect and have had my fair share of slip-ups, but it is one of the many reasons why I wanted to start this blog. I wanted to share with everyone my favorite plant-based recipes and build a community where I can talk about experiences and help those who are looking to switch from eating less meat and eating more plant-based meals.

If you are interested in learning more about my journey or would like to join me on this journey. Lets stay connected!

Be sure to also follow me on Instagram and Twitter @choosegreens.

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